FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a glycolic acid peeling?

    A glycolic acid peeling is an easy and controlled process. It allows a stimuli storage in the skin to induce the supply of amino acids and proteins. This care is available in several concentrations.

    Is the Ophyto pH peeling suitable for everybody?

    Yes, the Ophyto pH peeling may be applied on every skin types and colors, for man and woman.

    On which part of the body may the Ophyto pH peeling be applied?

    The Ophyto pH peeling may be applied on the face or every other part of the body (stretchmarks).

    Is there a specific protocol?

    Your beauty professional applies a buffered solution of glycolic acid on the skin for a period of time from 3 to 15 minutes. A light itch may be felt during the treatment which will fade as care progress.

    What are the expected results of a glycolic acid peeling?

    In a general way, following results may be observed : wrinkles and fine lines are plumped from inside, a bigger suppleness of the skin, a decrease of pigmentary unevenness (aging or brown spots), standardization of the complexion, higher skin hydration, increase of the natural brightness of the skin.

    What are the post peeling recommendations?

    Some specific post peeling Ophyto pH products have been formulated to perfect the treatment and limit the side effects. Opt then for the comfort of those products . Should you plan to expose yourself to the sun, watch to have an Ophyto sun protection adapted to your skin type.

    May I resume operations after an Ophyto pH peeling?

    Yes, the Ophyto pH peeling treatment does not interfere with usual activities.

    May I use my Ophyto pH products in case of pregnancy or breast feeding?

    During the pregnancy and breast feeding, your body is facing significant changes and your skin may be more sensitive to the glycolic acid. Avoid then all products that may contain glycolic acid, salicylic acid or A vitamin. Nevertheless, the following Ophyto pH products may safely be used during that period : Ophyto pH Fresh, Ophyto pH Repair et Ophyto pH White which will watch to fade hyperpigmentation (linked to pregnancy or breast feeding).

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